I'm getting an error when I use my credit card. What does it mean?

If by some reason your credit card does not meet the requirements of our payment provider, you might get an error message during voucher purchase. Please review the table of common error messages below. If you receive a different error, please contact support for more help.


Error: FA: | Geo mismatch

The BIN country and the billing country do not match.

Error: BI: | BADCNTR:  

The credit card transaction cannot be accepted due to a limitation on the area where it was issued.

Error 99:05 | DECLINED:Do not honor

There are one or more bank restrictions on this credit card. You might have exceeded your credit limit, or you might not be able to use this card to make international payments. Please contact your bank for clarification about whether you can use this card for your voucher purchase.

Error: 99:12 | DECLINED:Invalid Transaction

The credit card is recognized for ATM use only, not for Internet transactions. You should contact the financial institution that issued the card.

The Purchase has failed. Monthly limit for the user has been reached.

If you receive this message but have not reached your monthly limit for Lykke Wallet, you must proceed with the purchase through the Lykke Wallet application itself. Buying a voucher directly from Credit Vouchers is limited up to 800 EUR.

99:57 | DECLINED:Trx not permitted to card.

The Trx not permitted on Card response is typically provided by the Issuer when the transaction request violates some aspect of the cardholder agreement. This could be the Merchant’s MCC, where they are domiciled, etc. In order for the cardholder to obtain definitive guidance, however, they should speak to their Issuing Bank directly

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