How can I deposit funds to my API Wallet?

In order to deposit to your API Wallet you need to have funds first funded to your Lykke Wallet account. You may register account by downloading the app from either Google Play or App Store based on the mobile device you are using.

Here are the steps to deposit funds to your API Wallet:

1. Go to LykkeWallet site and sign in with you Lykke credentials.


2. Click on Transfer, complete form the details and enter the amount that you would like transfer. Verify the details and proceed clicking in Submit.


3. Confirm the transaction scanning the QR code with your Lykke Wallet. Before clicking on submit open you Lykke Wallet to confirm the message that you will scan the QR code.3.png           4.png

4. Congratulations! you have successfully deposit funds into your Lykke API Wallet.

 ____.png More information regarding API may be found here: