How to deposit/withdraw funds to/from my API Wallet?

To deposit funds into your API Wallet, you will need to have funds in your Lykke Trading Wallet account. To withdraw funds from your API wallet, you can simply follow the steps below.


**Note: You will only be able to move funds between your API Wallet and your Trading Wallet. Blockchain deposits and withdrawals for API Wallets are not available at the moment.


  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Select "MORE" and then click on "API KEYS".
  3. From your API Wallets list, select the API Wallet you wish to fund.
  4. Select "Transfer".
  5. A Form will appear, where you will need to enter the details "From", "Asset", "Amount", and "To"(destination wallet).
  6. Once you have verified all the details, enter the 2FA code and select "Submit".


** Note: DO NOT share your Private Key with anyone to avoid compromising your API wallet.



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