How do I add a Private Wallet?

There are several types of Lykke wallets to choose from: Private, Existing and Cold. They vary in features and devices on which they are used. Please review the following article for more information regarding private wallet types. These are the steps on how to add a regular Private Wallet on iOS and Android:

1. Navigate to your Private Wallet from the app's main screen.

  • For iOS users: tap on mceclip1.png Wallets. You may also find this option by going to More and by tapping Wallets

  • For Android users: tap on Private Wallet. You may also find your Private Wallet by tapping Assets which can be found at the bottom part of the app's menu and by tapping Private Wallets

2. Tap the ' + ' button to add a new Private Wallet.

3. Select a wallet type, set the wallet's name and the blockchain type - BTC or ETH. Choose ETH to deposit ETH and ERC20 tokens. Please note that ETH Private Wallets are ERC20 compatible. However, before transferring ERC20 tokens to your ETH Private Wallet, be sure to double check if the token is supported

4. Then tap on the 'check' icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Now your new wallet is shown on the private wallets list.

____.png Important Note

  • For Existing Private Wallet you need to know your private key for that wallet to add it. 
  • Private Wallets are only available in the Lykke app. The web platform does not support this feature at the moment.