How to Turn on 2-Factor Authentication?

2- Factor Authentication is an added extra layer of security to your account. It is required together with your password to successfully authenticate to your Lykke account. To enable this feature, please login to, go to Settings and click Security tab.

Download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device and scan the QR code or copy the secret key.

1. Download Google Authenticator from Google Playstore or Appstore

2. Launch the app and Tap on (+) to scan QR code or manually enter your secret key. In the event that your phone is lost, get stolen or reset, you will need the secret key to add your Lykke account to a new authenticator app. 


Tap on (+) to add your Lykke account.



If it's your first time to install Google Authenticator, you will see the following on your screen. Tap BEGIN to continue.



You may use the scan barcode to scan the QR code or the manual entry (Enter provided key on Android) to manually enter your secret key.








After selecting manual entry, just fill out the form with your account name and the secret key, then tap the check icon icon.jpg , (Add button in Android).










3. Return to your security settings on the web wallet and enter the code from your authenticator app to enable 2FA feature. 



  • It is important that you back up the secret key and keep it in a safe place. We strongly recommend storing it offline on a piece of paper, USB drive, or other ways to keep it safe and not accessible by anyone except you.

  • If you no longer have access to your mobile device or the secret key, please contact support ( for the next steps.
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