How can I buy and sell assets using my iOS device?

To buy and sell assets in Lykke Exchange, please refer to the instructions below:

1. On your home screen, go to Trade section.

2. Make sure that you're on Exchange tab. 

3. Select the assets pair you would like to buy or sell. Scroll or use Search  to find the desired asset. In the example below we added “BTC” to find BTC/LKK.

You can also use Watch List to view all pairs available for selected asset.

 4. Select SELL or BUY, depending on the operation that you would like to perform.

Keep in mind, you need to deposit funds to your trading wallet in advance.

5. For Limit order, select Limit. Then complete the amounts to Buy or Sell and the price, below you will have the reference of the current BID and ASK price.

6. For Market order, select Market. You will be purchasing the asset at the market price for that particular moment.

7. After completing the amounts, verify and confirm the details you have entered.

8. Agree and confirm the operation with PIN/fingerprint.