How to connect KRIPT to Lykke Exchange?

Please follow this manual to add your Lykke exchange account to KRIPT. First of all, you need to get an API key in your  Lykke wallet. Visit, then use your Lykke login and password to sing in.


After authorization click API Wallets tab and click ‘+ New Wallet’ button.


Set the wallet’s name, description and click ‘Generate API Key’ button. API Key will be generated automatically. Use icon to copy API key.


In case you lost your API key, you can always click ‘API Key’ and it will be automatically copied to clipboard.


Now let’s take a look on what needs to be done on the KRIPT app side to connect your LYKKE account:

1. If you don’t see LYKKE on the main screen, push ‘+’ (plus) icon. Find LYKKE in accounts list and tap. Then click ‘back’.

2. Enter your LYKKE account clicking on it. Then click ‘lock’ icon at the top-right corner.

3. Paste your LYKKE API key and tap CONNECT. You’re almost all set.