Integration with KRIPT

Starting October 15, 2018 useful user friendly terminal KRIPT became fully integrated with the Lykke Exchange.


Kript is safe and easy-to-use mobile app which simplifies crypto portfolio management. It is currently the only app in the Apple Store that allows the user not only to connect their exchange account to check balances, but also to make transactions within the app itself. You can already add your Lykke account to the KRIPT app and manage your crypto portfolio in a safe and easy-to-use manner.

Previously Lykke announced our presence on the similar TabTrader integration tool. However, as Lykke is fully committed to promoting diversity, we are happy to be fully integrated with KRIPT as an alternative option, complete with its unique set of functions that can be helpful for our users.

Main functions of Kript:

aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges

trading opportunity within the app

detailed information about all crypto assets

assets display and transactions execution

news about all cryptocurrencies

ICO shop-window


Soon KRIPT will have a consolidated portfolio and public rating of investors’ portfolios that will provide amateur investors with the opportunity to copy trading strategies of other successful investors.


The company is registered and has a representative office in Singapore. The development office is based in Russia and the team consists of 14 people. The Kript mission is to create the most active service for crypto asset management for private amateur investors.


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