How to withdraw ERC20 token from Private Wallet on iOS?

These are the steps on how to withdraw ERC20 token from Private Wallets:

1. Navigate to your Private Wallet by going to Funds section, and tap Private Wallets. 


2. Go to your Private Wallets and tap the token you would like to withdraw.


2. Tap TRANSFER button

4. Enter the amount of tokens you would like to withdraw. Use QR or paste your 
wallet’s address to transfer tokens to your external wallet, or select one of your current 
Lykke wallets and tap PROCEED.


5. Lykke will automatically calculate the optimal Gas limit and Gas price to perform 
the transaction. You can change the Gas price. Keep in mind you need to have enough 
ETH balance to pay the Gas fee, which is calculated below.


6. You will see an error in case you reduce the Gas limit, and PROCEED button will no 
longer be available. This is done for your convenience.



NOTE: In case the value of the Gas limit is too low the transaction may fail. Nevertheless, the fee will be charged in spite of non-transition. You can CONFIRM changed Gas limit amount at 
your own risk, or UPDATE it to set recommended Gas limit amount.

7. Set Gas limit and Gas price, make sure that you are ok with the max fee amount 
and tap PROCEED


8. Carefully check all the details again and CONFIRM if everything is correct.

9. Congratulations! You’re all set!


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