How do I backup my private key?

iOS and Android

You may backup your private key and get 12 words from the Lykke app using the steps below:

1. From your home screen, navigate to your Settings by tapping MORE.

2. Tap on Backup private key.

3. Validate your identity by entering your PIN or scanning your fingerprint.

4. Write your 12-word phrase down and keep it somewhere safe. Please note that in order to access your account, you will need the 12-words phrase. 

5. Verify your backup phrase:

  • For iOS: Tap on the words from your 12-word phrase backup in the order you wrote them down. Then click on Confirm Phrase
  • For Android: Type all secret words separated by spaces to in correct order then click on Submit.

6. Congratulations! Your backup is complete!


  • Private key is stored on your side, we do not have access to it. Make sure to keep your 12-word backup seed in a safe place.
  • If your 12 secret words and password was lost or got stolen, the obtained products associated with your account will be unrecoverable and will be lost permanently. Please send an email to immediately so we can block your account for any suspicious activity.