What is LYCI and how can this help users?

LyCI Overview

Lykke Crypto Index - LyCI (pronounced like the name ‘Lucy’) is a tool that consolidates and tracks the performance or value of a selection of underlying cryptocurrencies. This provides a snapshot of how this selection of the crypto market is performing overall in one single, easily understandable measure. This ensures that even when one cryptocurrency in the index goes up or down dramatically, the index will reflect the global performance of all the assets contained, giving a more accurate picture of overall market performance excluding idiosyncratic risks of single assets.

How can LYCI help users?

There are several large advantages to tracking LyCI as opposed to monitoring individual crypto assets:

  • Reduced time and energy by not having to investigate and research individual assets, picking those that you prefer and ignoring those that you do not want to invest in
  • Reduced costs through not having to address spreads across several transactions but only across those transactions related to the single index (there are no commissions on the Lykke Exchange).

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