What is the difference between LYCI and LYCI service token?

LyCI as shown on the Lykke platform is the Lykke Crypto Index. It is a measure of the performance of the cryptomarket by tracking the performance of the top-25 cryptocurrencies according to their market capitalization.

LyCI Service Tokens allows the client to get exposure to the crypto-market as a whole, thus eliminating systematic risk in relation to single cryptocurrencies.

Lykke commits to rebalancing and restructuring the selected cryptocurrencies as needed. So, there is no need for the client to do it themselves. One key point of LyCI is that, in case of a critical market change (for example a second generation of coins gaining value and taking over the market), the selected cryptocurrencies will be quickly restructured to reflect this market change without the need for the client to trade and restructure its portfolio.

It is important to note that Lykke Crypto Index is an index and it is NOT the same as the LyCI Service Token. Lykke Crypto Index is of an informative nature while LyCI Service Token gives access to the respective Service.