How to trade assets from the web?


Sell or Buy assets


1- Search the pair you want to trade.

In this case we will show you how to sell XRP for USD using a limit order. First we we will have to click on the pairs menu to find the pair we need(XRP/USD).


2 - Type the asset you want to trade and then select the pair.


The Limit order option and the Buy option is selected as default. However, if you wish to set a market order you will need to click on the tab that says Market, in this case since we want to Sell, we will click on Sell.

3 - Enter the price and amount you wish to trade and click on Sell. If you are buying click on Buy.


4 - Confirm the details of your order and click on yes.


A green confirmation message will appear on the top right corner.


Congratulations! This means that your limit order has been successfully placed and is waiting for completion in the order book. 


Edit or cancel an open order


1 - To edit, you will have to click on the edit button from your open orders menu.


2 - Enter the new details of your order and click on Modify.




To cancel an open order is very simple.

1- From the open orders menu, click on the X of the order you wish to cancel. 


The selected order will be canceled immediately.

Cancel All

If you want to cancel all open orders, you need to click on Cancel All.


 All your open orders under the selected pair will be cancelled immediately.