How do I transfer digital assets or crypto currencies to an external wallet?

You could transfer any digital currency that you hold on your Lykke wallet to your external wallet. Please find the instructions below how to transfer your digital assets / crypto currencies to your external wallet: 

iOS and Android

  1. From your Lykke app home screen, tap Withdraw
    • You can also find the withdraw feature by going to the Assets menu. You may find it at the bottom navigation bar
  2. Select the crypto-currency or digital asset you would like to withdraw.
  3. Read and accept the Terms of Service and the warning alert.
  4. Enter the amount and the wallet address by scanning the QR code or copy/paste the wallet address. In some assets like XLM and XRP, memo/tag is required to identify the transaction as yours.
  5. Tap Proceed
  6. Sign the transaction by entering your PIN or fingerprint.


  1. Navigate to your Lykke account on the web 
  2. Go to Funds
  3. Click the menu Withdraw right-double-chevron.png select the option Blockchain Transfer right-double-chevron.png select the crypto-currency you wish to transfer
  4. Fill in the form by entering the required information:
    •  amount you would like to transfer
    • external wallet's address
    • external wallet's memo/tag (only applicable to XLM, XRP and KIN transfers)
  5. Click the button Submit

Important Note:

  • Please note of the fees and limits for crypto-currency transactions from this page: Lykke Fees and Limits
  • Withdrawals of digital assets or crypto-currencies can take up to 15 minutes to be processed.
  • For assets like XRP and XLM, please make sure to specify the memo/tag if required by your external wallet to avoid the risk of losing your funds.
  • Please make sure that the wallet address is a valid address that can receive the crypto currency you transferred. Transferring to another blockchain will result in funds loss.