How do I buy and sell assets from the web terminal?

To buy and sell assets in the Lykke Exchange, please refer to the instructions below. Keep in mind that your account should be successfully verified and you need to deposit funds to your trading wallet in order to proceed with trading.

Web Terminal

From your computer browser access our Web Terminal, you need to login with your Lykke Wallet credentials. To start trading you will have to read the QR code with your Lykke Wallet mobile application, or in case you have activated the 2FA you can provide the code that appears in your google authenticator. If you wish to activate the 2FA please review the following article.


1. Click on the current pair being displayed.


2.Type on the box the asset you want to trade (buy or sell) and click on the pair you want to select.


3. The pair together with the chart will be displayed. In the case example, we displayed LTC/USD.


You will noticed that by default, the trading screen is displayed for you to place a Limit Order to Buy. You can modify the order type by clicking on Market or if you wish to Sell you just need to select Sell.

In this example, we will proceed to place a Sell Limit Order.

  • We will enter the price at which we want to sell our LTC.
  • Then, we will enter the volume of LTC we wish to Sell.
  • Finally, we click on Sell.


A confirmation message will appear in which you need to confirm the details of the transaction.


You will see a green confirmation on the top right corner of your Web Terminal:


  • On the below part of the screen you will notice that you have an open order.
  • To edit your order you will need to click in the edit icon 1.
  • To cancel your open order you will need to click on the cancel (x) icon 2.
  • To cancel all your open orders you will need to click on the button "Cancel all" 3.