How do I deposit assets to my Private Wallet?

Before transferring funds to your Private Wallet, keep in mind that Private Wallet only supports deposit and withdrawals operation -- you cannot trade from this wallet. If you plan to trade in the Lykke Exchange, you need to transfer your digital assets to your Trading Wallet.

To deposit to your Private Wallet, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your Private Wallet from the app's main screen.

    • For iOS users: tap on mceclip1.png Wallets. You may also find your Wallets by going to More

    • For Android users: tap on Private Wallet. You may also find your Private Wallet by going to Assets which can be found at the bottom part of the app's menu and by tapping Private Wallets
  2. You will find your default private wallet named as My Private Wallet. This wallet can only hold BTC. If you want to deposit ETH or ERC20 tokens, please add a private wallet and set the blockchain type to ETH.
  3. Tap the private wallet you want to fund to get the wallet address. For android users, tap the specific private wallet, then tap the button Deposit.
  4. You may scan the QR code, or copy the wallet address to deposit to this wallet. The balance will be updated after incoming transaction is confirmed in the blockchain.

Important Note:

Lykke Private Wallet only supports BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens. Transferring of unsupported assets in the Private Wallet can result to funds loss. Always ensure you're transferring the correct asset to the correct wallet to avoid such issues.