API Documentation

Lykke new HFT API(v2) allows users to use two kinds of protocols: gRPC API and Rest API. Both APIs support the same methods and data format, however, only gRPC API is able to receive streaming data from the platform.



The gRPC API utilizes a new generation of RPC framework that includes working with HTTP 2ProtoBuf, and WebSocket for faster and more efficient interaction with the platform. The gRPC framework uses the declarative description of the contract in the .proto files, on the basis of which it is simple to generate Client Library using numerous programming languages. Furthermore, the gRPC framework supports working with streams making it easy to receive events directly from the server.

Lykke team strongly recommends using gRPC API protocol to communicate with the platform

Read more about gRPC frameworkhttps://grpc.io/

A useful tool for manual gRPC API requests:

  • BloomRPC - UI tool to interact with gRPC servers (when using BloomRPC make sure to use TLS with server certificate (TLS button))
  • grpcurl - a command-line tool that lets you communicate with gRPC servers

API Endpoint:

  • hft-apiv2-grpc.lykke.com:443 - host format

Proto files


Rest API

Rest API uses a classic HTTP based framework that entails working with HTTP 1.1 and JSONRest API allows users to call RPC methods without streaming data from the server.

Disclaimer: The rest API has been added for backward compatibility. Lykke team recommends against using the Rest API protocol in favor of the gRPC protocol.

API Endpoint:

  • https://hft-apiv2.lykke.com/api

A useful tool for manual rest API requests: HFT API Swagger




Public API