January 31st, 2022 | Lykke Security Token and Next Steps

As of today, Jan 31, 2022, users can no longer trade the LKK and trigger the LKK1Y and the LKK2Y tokens.


Lykke is migrating LKK, LKK1Y and LKK2Y to a Lykke security token where token holders have full shareholder rights. The advantage of a security token is a possibility of listing it on a security token exchange. As an immediate step of migration Lykke has had to terminate all LKK trading on the platform. LKK holders will continue to have access to their token over the UK wallet.

Holders of LKK, LKK1Y and LKK2Y are required to convert their tokens to ledger-based securities, at the latest by 31st December 2026.

If you need help, please contact support@lykke.com