How to generate a tax report

At Lykke, we currently offer four possible ways to comply with your tax authorities:

  1. Lykke Customer Success Team can provide you with your Lykke End of Year Balance Report based on your transaction history. Please send a request to to request your official Lykke End of Year Balance Report. 

In addition, Lykke Exchange is integrated with the following three crypto tax reporting companies, offering transaction monitoring and official crypto tax reports especially tight for different countries' specifications:

  1. CoinLedger, read how to do your Lykke Taxes here.
  2. CryptoTaxCalculator, please follow the instructions on how to import your .csv transaction history from Lykke here
  3. Koinly, please see the instructions here.

How to Export Transaction History from Lykke

To get your CSV file with all the executed trades, you need to login into your Lykke Wallet. (Please note that this CSV file is not covering the trades done via API. Lykke is currently exploring what would be the most efficient way to help our API traders with the taxes.) After successful login, you get your CSV file in three easy steps:

1. click on ‘FUNDS’ in the top menu,

2. select ‘HISTORY’, and

3. click on the ‘EXPORT TO CSV’ button in the top right corner.

Once you are done, you can easily upload the Lykke .csv file into the CoinLedger, CryptoTaxCalcular or Koinly interface.

Feel free to select the option which you consider the best fit for your needs or let us know your feedback.